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Chemical & Petroleum Composite Hose - CMP

Composite hose is manufactured from multiple tight-wound thermoplastic films and tubes that create a barrier to permeation. Specialized manufacturing process techniques assures the proper gauge and pitch of the inner and outer wires to ensure conformity and consistency every time! The result is a truly flexible thermoplastic composite hose that doesn't kink or collapse with exceptional service life and offers superior safety and performance for the transfer of liquids or vapour (not for use with abrasive products).. It offers a much better "force-to-bend" rating as compared to traditional rubber hoses. It is commonly chosen where user handling is of prime importance and can be used for suction or discharge of gasoline, diesel, biofuels, paraffin, 100% aromatics, and various chemicals (refer to chemical charts) in tank truck, railcar, ship-to-shore, or in plant service. As compared to conventional rubber hose, composite hose has up to a four times smaller bend radius and can weigh 30% less than more bulky and less flexible rubber hoses. Furthermore, in the event of a hose failure, composite hose will not "burst" like a rubber hose but will "weep" liquids. Due to its construction, composite hose is not designed for very abusive or abrasive applications. It must be noted that due to its "rough" bore, composite hose will typically restrict flow by 10-15% as compared to smooth bore rubber hose, with some more economical composite brands reaching up to 25%. As for competing manufacturer brands of composite hose, we source the overall best "value" product as there are many performance variables that separate cost effective brands with more high-end manufacturers. Typically, the durability of a composite hose can be greatly affected with the wire gauge thickness, the wire pitch, the number of film layers, and the overall quality of materials within the hose construction. One must also take into consideration how abrasion and weather resistant the cover is as manufacturers can use a wide variety of materials and compositions. All of our composite hoses have a heavier gauge and closer pitched internal and external wire than on most competing brands, the result being a hose with a recessed body that is far less susceptible to external cover abrasion and mechanical damage.