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NL2750 - K4131 Yellow Agricultural Spray 600

These are popular high pressure agricultural spray hoses designed for use with insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, water, air, and other light chemical solutions. They are high­ quality hoses that are commonly seen in nurseries, or­chards, and on spraying and lawn care equipment. Its ribbed cover reduces dragging friction and prolongs life. The NL2750 is a lighter wall, yellow 600 psi hose while the NL2760 Spiralite 310 is a more robust, peachy-yellow 600 psi hose (the thicker wall on the NL2760 provides better kink resistance, especially in warmer climates). The NL2770 is an 800 psi mint green hose with a robust construction (NL2771 dark green available). Lengths up to 1000ft can be made to order.

Typical Fittings: N176 hex hose nipples, N370/375 spray hose ends, N2280 series washdown hose ends, interlocking bolt clamps, permanent crimp sleeves; some users prefer using FC79xx SAE100R1AT field attachable fittings for temporary repairs, but this is not recommended by the manufacturer or New-Line and could result in premature hose failure or injury.

Construction: Tube: Smooth, yellow, peachy-yellow, or green PVC blend. Cover: Ribbed PVC blend (yellow NL2750, peachy-yellow NL2760, mint green NL2770, dark green NL2771) PVC blend. Reinforcement: High tensile yarn.

Temperature Range: -23°C (-10°F) to +65°C (150°F)

Detail Comments: *Continuous lengths up to 1000ft can be made to order with approximately a 15% surcharge. 1x300ft lengths are standard.

Cut Method: HD Safety Scissors or Box/Blade Cutter - Wear Safety Gloves

Product name SKU List Price Quantity Availability Weight (lbs)
3/8" K4131 YELLOW AGRI SPRAY 600 PSI NL2750-038
Call for Availability .1200
1/2" K4131 YELLOW AGRI SPRAY 600 PSI NL2750-050
Call for Availability .1800