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Marine Wire Harness / Split Loom Cable & Pitot Tubing - MRZ

NL9320 is a split loom cable or wire harness/cover that is designed for easy access to routed wires, cables, or hoses. It is used in many industries, such as automotive, truck/bus, marine, RV, robotics, computer/electronics, and telecommunications. It is a lightweight, flexible tubing that is resistant to ozone, UV rays, weathering, chemicals, puncturing, vibrational wear and abrasion. It comes in bulk boxes but can be put onto reels (lengths listed below). We also offer a "UL94 flame retardant" polypropylene version with a blue stripe (NL9330 V2 flammability rating) which is available from the factory. NL4590 is a small ID tubing used as a speedometer tubing on boats and watercraft. It is designed to connect the dashboard speedometer to the pressure sensor.