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Garage Exhaust Hose (Crushproof Flarelok) - AUG

Garage exhaust hose is a formed, softwall hose (springs back to original shape, but will kink in sharp corners) that is used in automobile or diesel repair shops for transferring fumes from vehicle exhaust pipes. This hose is manufactured with a specially formulated rubber compound designed to withstand intermittent temperatures up to +316 °C (600 °F); this hose and its adapters are NOT designed for continuous service of dry, hot exhaust, such as on a generator or high RPM (use metal ducting for such applications). For large trucks, always use a diesel stack adapter to permit intake of cool air and prevents damaging the hose. NL4600 is a lightweight, flexible, durable hose that is easily handled (upon special request a 30" or 11' full length wire helix available on sizes 4-6" to prevent kinking, series NL4605). Each size comes in 11ft lengths with one end flared to permit multiple lengths to be threaded together. To connect NL4600 series adapters to our previous NL4500 series hose, simply cut off the press-lock ends on the NL4500 series hose and screw on the appropriate adapter.