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A1060-41 - Yellow Steel Air Hose with Dixon Boss Ground Joint Couplings

NL1060 is an extremely heavy duty, MSHA approved air hose designed for rugged applications. This hose will provide long service life in heavy construction, mining, or quarry applications. Its steel reinforcement withstands extreme abuse, tugging, and pulling. Its cover provides excellent abrasion and weather resistance, while its tube is resistant to heat and oil "mist" from compressors; if the tube is subject to too much oil then this hose will swell and fail prematurely, as with excessive or prolonged heat which will degrade the rubber compounds. For higher oil and heat resistance refer to our NL1065 Boston Bull Dog. For a lighter weight hose with excellent resistance to abrasion, oil, and abuse, refer to our NL1395 Gorilla. NL1060 meets RMA Class B standards (medium/high petroleum based oil resistance, do not use this hose with vegetable oil or mineral oil).

Typical Fittings: Universals, Boss Ground Joints, Double Lock/Twist Lock Quick Acting, N176 Hex Hose Nipples, N315/320 Long Shanks (water only), interlocking bolt clamps (crimp sleeves are not recommended on large bore heavy duty air hoses such as 1-1/4" to 4" due to the tough cover and wall thickness - use interlocking bolt clamps). Note: 1-1/4"-2" 4-lug Universals should NOT be used in critical applications or heavy duty air/water, it is a relatively poor and unsafe design for proper coupling integrity. Whipcheck Safety Cables are mandatory on heavy duty air hoses for safety reasons. Interlocking bolt clamps MUST be checked and retightened before EACH use due to the cold flow/setting characteristics of rubber hose!

Construction: Tube: Black NBR rubber blend. Cover: Wrapped, yellow synthetic rubber. Reinforcement: Multiple plies of steel wire.

Temperature Range: -30°C (-22°F) to +85°C (185°F)

Detail Comments: Spuds are sold separately. Always re-tighten bolt clamps before EACH use.

Notice: Dangerous Assembly, ensure coupled/maintained properly.

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
2" X 50FT YELLOW STEEL AIR w/DIXON BOSS WING NUTS A1060200X50-41 $581.67
Call for Availability 83.21
3" X 50FT YELLOW STEEL AIR w/DIXON BOSS WING NUTS A1060300X50-41 $1,224.33
Call for Availability 190.43
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