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NL8005 - Standard 4-Ply Sandblast Hose

Our NL8005 Sandblast hose is for general sandblast applications. It is designed for high velocity transfer of sand, steel shot, and other abrasive materials seen in building maintenance, restoration, or the cleaning and finishing of metal parts, stone, or glass. It is a kink resistant hose that will withstand external abuse and internal abrasion. Its static conductive tube dissipates static electricity to prevent dangerous shocks. The NL8006 whip hose is a "10% lighter" hose designed with a 10% thinner wall in order to reduce operator fatigue (it is not that popular due to the marginal difference to NL8005). The whip hose uses the same size couplings as its nominal ID (hose OD is important with sandblast couplings).

Typical Fittings: N8005 Series external sandblast couplings and adapters (nylon, alum., or brass); ensure screws don't penetrate tube. Internal fittings will typically wear out prematurely due to the velocity of the abrasive materials. Whipcheck safety cables.

Construction: Tube: 1/4" Thick black, heavy duty, static conductive natural rubber blend. Cover: Black wrapped, pin-pricked synthetic rubber. Reinforcement: 3/4" thru 2" - Four-plies of synthetic fabric; 1/2" & Whip Hoses - Two-plies of synthetic fabric.

Temperature Range: -30°C (-22°F) to +85°C (185°F)

Detail Comments: Service life of material handling hoses may vary depending on the operating conditions, hours of use, and the product being conveyed. Always rotate the hose regularly for even wear and inspect the tube for degradation before use.

Cut Method: HD Safety Scissors or Box/Blade Cutter - Wear Safety Gloves

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1/2" 150 PSI 2-PLY SANDBLAST HOSE - 1.13" OD NL8005-050
B - Common Item - Moderate Stock 0.40
3/4" 150 PSI 4-PLY SANDBLAST HOSE - 1.50" OD NL8005-075
B - Common Item - Moderate Stock 0.65
1" 150 PSI 4-PLY SANDBLAST HOSE - 1.89" OD NL8005-100
A - Very Common Item - Good Stock 1.00
1-1/4" 150 PSI 4-PLY SANDBLAST HOSE - 2.16" OD NL8005-125
A - Very Common Item - Good Stock 1.25
1-1/2" 150 PSI 4-PLY SANDBLAST HOSE - 2.36" OD NL8005-150
C - Less Common Item 1.30
2" 150 PSI 4-PLY SANDBLAST HOSE - 2.87" OD NL8005-200
C - Less Common Item 1.75
2-1/2" 150 PSI 4-PLY SANDBLAST HOSE - 3.39" OD NL8005-250
Call for Availability 2.01
3" 150 PSI 4-PLY SANDBLAST HOSE - 4.02" OD NL8005-300
Call for Availability 2.74
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