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NL8200 - Heavy Duty Slurrymax Material Handling 3/8" Tan PureGum Tube

NL8200 SlurryMax is a heavy material handling hose that is used for the transferring of slurry, ore, iron, copper, gravel, rocks, salt, cement, glass, fertilizers, spiny ground fish, and various highly abrasive wet or dry materials in mines or mills (limited resistance to oil-based products). SlurryMax can be used in mines, quarries, plants, and mills; due to its thick wall, it should be noted that this hose is relatively inflexible (especially in short lengths) and requires a high "effort/force to bend" ratio. Its corrugated cover is designed to fit special external flange fittings with bolts (N8200C) which allow quick, easy connections to be made for full flow/no turbulence and without internal couplings that would quickly wear out. This is a very durable, heavy duty hose that is resistant to weathering, ozone, abrasion, and gouging; it is also a convenient alternative to rubber lined pipe as it can compensate for expansion/contraction, misalignment, easy installation, random lengths, and reduces noise/vibration. Larger sizes of this hose are shipped in straight lengths to maximize container capacity so are limited to 40' or 53' trailer lengths.

Typical Fittings: N8200C- or N8201C- external 150# flanges, insert type fittings can wear out prematurely with highly abrasive products. Note: This hose is rigid and difficult to bend in short lengths.

Construction: Tube: Smooth, tan, 3/8" thick synthetic rubber (1/4" for 2" ID). Cover: Corrugated, black SBR rubber with blue stripe. Reinforcement: Spiral wire helix between 2 plies of high tensile synthetic fabric.

Temperature Range: -30°C (-22°F) to +80°C (176°F)

Detail Comments: 2" SlurryMax has 1/4" thick pure gum tube, all other sizes are 3/8". Service life of material handling hoses may vary depending on the operating conditions, hours of use, and the product being conveyed. Always rotate the hose regularly for even wear and inspect the tube for degradation before use.

Cut Method: Hacksaw & Side Snips for Wire - Wear Safety Gloves

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
2" HD SLURRYMAX 150 MC HOSE w/HD 1/4" TAN PG TUBE NL8200-200
C - Less Common Item 3.45
3" HD SLURRYMAX 150 MC HOSE w/HD 3/8" TAN PG TUBE NL8200-300
C - Less Common Item 4.54
4" HD SLURRYMAX 150 MC HOSE w/HD 3/8" TAN PG TUBE NL8200-400
C - Less Common Item 5.66
5" HD SLURRYMAX 150 MC HOSE w/HD 3/8" TAN PG TUBE NL8200-500
C - Less Common Item 6.25
6" HD SLURRYMAX 150 MC HOSE w/HD 3/8" TAN PG TUBE NL8200-600
C - Less Common Item 9.57
8" HD SLURRYMAX 150 MC HOSE w/HD 3/8" TAN PG TUBE NL8200-800
B - Common Item - Moderate Stock 14.05
10" HD SLURRYMAX 150 MC HOSE w/HD 3/8" TAN PG TUBE NL8200-1000
C - Less Common Item 16.75
12" HD SLURRYMAX 100 MC HOSE w/HD 3/8" TAN PG TUBE NL8200-1200
C - Less Common Item 23.22
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