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Oxygen Acetylene & Inert Welding Hose Barbs, Inserts, Unions - 246

Standard welding fittings oxygen/acetylene/fuel gases are listed below (also see the 'Pipe Fittings Section' for various brass adapters and "Y"s). Many smaller oxy-fuel brazing torches and some TIG welding torches use A-size fittings. Most standard size oxy-fuel brazing and cutting torches use B-size fittings. Most inert gas-hose fittings (argon, helium, nitrogen, etc) are also B-size fittings. The larger C-size fittings are used mainly on the power cables on TIG water cooled welding torches, but may also be found on large oxy-fuel cutting torches (CGA limits to 200psi on A-B-C-D sizes). Needle valves and ball valves are listed in the 'Valve Section' and our welding repair kits are shown in the 'Clamp Section'.