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National A Hose Ends (Thor / Double Lock Couplings) - 381

Double lock couplings, commonly known as Thors or Nationals, are used primarily on air or water hose where "traditional" Quick Connects or Universals are not suitable, and a heavier duty, safer, more durable coupling is needed. These fittings are suitable for 300psi, and will permit full flow when coupled and are designed to safely handle greater pressures than universal quick acting couplings. They also have a streamlined design to prevent hang-ups, and the heads can be easily gripped with or without the use of gloves. The "double lock" feature provides maximum safety against unintentional disconnection; users must pull the sleeve back while simultaneously rotating the fitting in order to disconnect (do not disconnect when under pressure). Furthermore, a spring-lock clip can be inserted so that the fitting cannot be disconnected without removing the spring. We offer a standard barbed hose end as well as a "crimped" hose end for added safety against coupling blow out.