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CLAMP-2BOLT-DIX - Boss Ground Joint HP 2 Bolt Interlocking Clamp

These are plated malleable iron clamps designed specifically for use with collared hose stems on air or steam hose. When properly installed, the gripping fingers on these clamps engage over the collar of the stem to prevent coupling blow-out. Our "Boss" clamps are domestically produced and manufactured to strict tolerances to ensure a consistent, reliable, and safe product (Do not interchange Boss with unbranded products). Interlocking bolt clamps MUST be checked and retightened before EACH use due to the cold flow/ setting characteristics of rubber hose! These clamps should be installed only by a fully trained assembler; failure to install these clamps correctly could result in serious harm or damage. When using these clamps, make sure they are re-torqued at regular intervals as it is not unusual for the clamps to loosen during service. Since these clamps are made of "malleable" iron, they are not designed to bend back and forth; therefore they are not to be re-used once installed (likewise with the bolts). Always tighten bolts to recommended torque ratings (do not lubricate nuts and bolts) and check them regularly in service.

Detail Comments: Other sizes are available. For stainless use R as a prefix.

Notice: Always inspect/tighten bolt style clamps before each use>>

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1/4" DIXON BOSS HP 2BOLT CLAMP (.56-.66") 6FT/lbs BD
Call for Availability 0.11
3/8" DIXON BOSS HP 2BOLT CLAMP (.69-.88") 6FT/lbs CD
Call for Availability 0.19
1/2" DIXON BOSS HP 2BOLT CLAMP (.81-.94") 6FT/bs DD
C - Less Common Item 0.29
1/2" DIXON BOSS HP 2BOLT CLAMP (.94-1.06") 12FT/lbs B-4
C - Less Common Item 0.40
3/4" DIXON BOSS HP 2BOLT CLAMP (1.19-1.31") 21FT/lbs BU-9
A - Very Common Item - Good Stock 0.64
3/4" DIXON BOSS HP 2BOLT CLAMP (1.31-1.50") 21FT/lbs B-9
C - Less Common Item 0.90
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