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CLAMP-4BOLT-DIX-SS - Boss 316 Stainless Ground Joint HP 4 Bolt Interlocking Clamp

Ground joint fittings are designed for high pressure air or water (ie. up to 500 psi) as well as steam (steam maximum 250 psi @ 450°F max) in plants, refineries, construction sites, or drilling applications (pressure ratings are for a guide ONLY as they vary based on service conditions, temperatures, etc.). Ground Joints are NOT for use with toxic fluids or flammable gases.

Notice: Always inspect/tighten bolt style clamps before each use>>

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1-1/2" 316SS DIXON BOSS HP 4BOLT CLAMP (2.19-2.38") 40FT/lbs RBU-24 $226.09
Call for Availability 2.30
2" 316SS DIXON BOSS HP 4BOLT CLAMP (2.50-2.78") 60FT/lbs RBU-29 $274.72
Call for Availability 3.10
3" 316SS DIXON BOSS HP 4BOLT CLAMP (3.50-3.75") 60FT/lbs RBU-35 $430.02
Call for Availability 8.75
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