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Maxi Dry / Baylock Camlock Disconnects, Dry Breaks - 273

Our Maxi-Dry Camlocks are designed to prevent the loss of liquids when a line is disconnected. The camlock coupler and the camlock adapter have a unique valve assembly that close when the camlock is disconnected. This makes them ideal for applications where an expensive or hazardous fluid is being conveyed (such as paints, chemicals, petroleum, oil, solvents, and detergents). The Maxi-Dry Camlocks are functionally interchangeable with the Civacon Kamvalok & Bayloc styles; however intermixing brands of critical application products is not encouraged. Replacement parts are not interchangeable between any manufacturers. Our Maxi-Dry incorporates a unique lever on the arm that must be engaged in order to open and close the valve on the coupler end. The valve can also be padlocked shut for safety and prevent theft of fluid. When ordering dust caps/plugs, note that the camlock size is different than the NPT body size. Maxi-Dry's are available in aluminum or stainless steel construction with various seal materials, and they are also with swivel threads. Always confirm if gasket material is compatible with fluid. Please note that the NPT thread size on Maxi-Dry Camlocks does not match the body size.