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Snaptite 71 Hydraulic Quick Connects - 049S

Our N71 series interchange with Snaptite 71-3 and 71-2 (except 1" size) Series quick connects. These are a unique, high end, heavy duty, flush face, push-to-connect, coupling designed specifically for rugged, "high impulse" applications. For high impulse applications, the rated working pressure of these couplings is reduced to about x.60 of the below static working pressures. The couplers have extra large flow chambers for high flow and a low pressure drop. The maximum recommended connect/disconnect pressures are: 300 psi for 1/8"-1/4", 150 psi for 3/8"-3/4", 75 psi for 1"-1-1/4", and 0 psi for 1-1/2"-2". Standard parts have a Buna seal, NPT thread (SAE/ORB on special request, EF as suffix rather than F) and the bodies are plated steel. Bodies are also available on special request from the factory in lower pressure 316 stainless (prefix of NS rather than N) and high pressure 316 stainless steel (prefix of NSH). All types also available with an optional sleeve lock (suffix SL) on special request from the factory. The 'new' 71-3 Series (in sizes 3/8" thru 3/4") will interchange with the old 71-2 Series, but they will not interchange with the 1" 71-2 size (listed separately below, 71-2 in 1" size can be supplied on special order from the factory). Replacement seal kits are available for both coupler (#N71-3Cxx-SPK) and nipple (#N71-3Nxx-SPK).