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NSS101 - Stainless Hydraulic 7241-1B Nipple x Female NPT

Our NS10 series quick connect couplings are a popular, general purpose industrial interchange coupling that can be used with hydraulic fluid, water, certain chemicals, gases, and steam (must be refitted with an EPDM or Viton seal when used with steam). Our NS10 Series are compatible with Parker series 60, Safeway S10 Series, Dayco QDl Series, Snaptite 72 Series, Hansen HK Series, Aeroquip FD-45 Series, Perfecting H Series, and many others. These quick connects feature a double shut-off poppet, Buna-N seal -29°C to 100°C (-20°F to +212°F), other seals are available), and with a steel, brass, or stainless body. The coupler has a one-way sleeve and all sizes meet ISO 7241-1 Series B interchange and performance requirements. Also available with safety sleeve locks and SAE ORB or BSPP threads.

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
<STAINLESS> HYD 7241-1B NIPPLE X 1/8" FEMALE NPT NSS101-1 $15.76
C - Less Common Item 0.04
<STAINLESS> HYD 7241-1B NIPPLE X 1/4" FEMALE NPT NSS101-2 $14.89
B - Common Item - Moderate Stock 0.08
<STAINLESS> HYD 7241-1B NIPPLE X 3/8" FEMALE NPT NSS101-3 $24.02
C - Less Common Item 0.14
<STAINLESS> HYD 7241-1B NIPPLE X 1/2" FEMALE NPT NSS101-4 $39.33
C - Less Common Item 0.27
<STAINLESS> HYD 7241-1B NIPPLE X 3/4" FEMALE NPT NSS101-6 $58.35
C - Less Common Item 0.41
C - Less Common Item 0.73
<STAINLESS> HYD 7241-1B NIPPLE X 1-1/4" FEMALE NPT NSS101-10 $718.34
Call for Availability 0.00
<STAINLESS> HYD 7241-1B NIPPLE X 1-1/2" FEMALE NPT NSS101-12 $791.57
Call for Availability 0.00
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