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ISO16028 New-Line Flush Face Hydraulic Quick Connects - 044

ISO 16028 interchange are high pressure, no-spill quick connects that are becoming increasingly popular on OEM equipment. The flush face valving in both halves allow for minimal fluid loss and air inclusion; the flush face is also ideal in dirty environments as it can be easily wiped clean. The couplers meet HTMA dimensions and the standard sleeve lock feature prevents unintended disconnection and they can be connected with one hand push-to-connect operation. Our NFE49x Generic series are a cost competitive series for less rugged or demanding applications, we also offer the same ISO 16028 quick connects in other brands based on user preference (Safeway, Stucchi, etc). ISO 16028 are compatible with Parker FF370, Safeway FF49 series, Perfecting H series, Hansen QA29000, and FD49/FD89/FF series.