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Megaflow and Hi-Flo Quick Connects - 390H

These were designed to provide users with more flow in a compact 1/4" body quick connect without having to jump up to a 3/8" body. They provide up to 50% more air flow than conventional 1/4" couplers and with minimal pressure drop (less than 2 psi). They are ideal for air powered paint spray equipment, sanders, grinders, and other high air volume tools up to 300psi (maximum air flow is 37 SCFM @ 100psi). They will interchange with CEJN 320/410/420, Rectus 25KA/26KA/27KA, Megaflow, and other European high-flow couplings. They are not for use in air breathing applications. Couplers have a solid brass body and a hardened steel sleeve.