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Hansen Quick Connects - Premium Industrial, Auto, Aro - 389

These are similar to the standard Industrial Interchange quick connects, but these have a heavier body for added resistance to abuse, dragging, pressures, etc. They are typically used in abusive environments and provide a "middle-of-the-road" cost alternative between the standard Industrial Quick Connects and the "Push-to-connect" listed above. The couplers have a brass body with a nickel plated sleeve, zinc plated steel valve, stainless springs, stainless balls, and a Buna-N seal (other seals available on request). The couplers are also available with a special "sleeve lock bearing" that prevents the coupler sleeve from being accidentally disengaged (use suffix -SL). Plugs are made of heavy duty, zinc plated, case hardened steel. Popular styles are listed below, other sizes and interchange (i.e. Automotive, Aro, Lincoln, etc.) are available.