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Hansen Industrial Quick Connects (Push-To-Connect) - 389PC

These are rugged, fully automatic, push-to-connect industrial brass couplers that will mate with standard Industrial Interchange Nipples (on the previous page). They differ from standard industrial couplers in that they can be connected with one hand by simply pushing the plug into the coupler (do not have to pull back the sleeve). To disconnect, the sleeve must be disengaged. These couplers are also available with a special "sleeve lock bearing" that prevents the coupler sleeve from being accidentally disengaged (use suffix -SL). All sizes have a brass body, zinc plated steel valve, stainless springs, stainless balls, and a Buna-N seal (other seals are available on request). Popular sizes are listed, but many others are available. They can be used with air, low pressure air breathing, gases, and liquids; 1/4" body is rated for 2,000 psi, the 3/8" for 1,000 psi, the 1/2" are 500 psi, and the 3/4" are 220 psi.