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Stainless Steel Push-To-Connect Fittings - 934

These "Push-In" style tube fittings are designed for air/pneumatic, food & beverage, chemical, medical & pharmaceutical systems up to a maximum of 260 psi and 28 in/Hg vacuum. They are suitable for use with both hard & soft tubing. They have an 316SS Stainless Steel body, with 301SS stainless steel collet & FPM (Viton) seal. WARNING: ensure the o-ring is compatible with fluid being conveyed. These fittings can be installed/removed easily (remove tubing by pressing the release ring and pulling the tube from the fitting), however during installation the collet/teeth are deformed and are not designed for repetitive re-use. The male threaded ends "swivel/rotate" for ease of installation in confined spaces, however once pressurized the swivel may become more difficult to move as the O-ring compresses in the body (they are not necessarily a high frequency live swivel like a Rotary Joint). Temperature range: -20°C (-4°F) to +150°C (+302°F).