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John Guest Polypropylene Push-In Fittings - 932

The White Polypropylene 'PP' food grade/NSF Series offer a wider range of fluid or chemical resistance (as opposed to the standard Acetal/Nylon PI series) that is specifically used in the water purification industry and certain beverages. They come with a food grade EPDM o-rings. This PP range is NOT suitable for compressed air applications, whereas the Acetal PI seres are. Water max 150psi @ 21°C (70°F), or 60psi at 60°C (140°F). We can also provide the PP series in a 'black' UV stabilized model (Suffix E instead of W). For metric sized tubing, the white PPM series is available on special request. They can also be removed quickly, however their internal collet/teeth may be deformed during install so they are not designed for repetitive re-use.