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Swage Ends For Rubber Hose - 600

Our permanent swage fittings (special machinery, older technology being replaced with more modern crimping techniques) are typically used on large bore hoses (i.e. 5" and up) in critical applications where a safe, more durable and reliable fitting attachment method is preferred over band clamps or strapping (for sizes 4" and below, use our new crimping system with sleeves rather than swaging). Swaging as well as crimping on ends are also used in higher pressure applications or on rubber hoses with hard, "plastic" tubes such as PTFE or XLPE (band clamps will typically cause the barb of the fitting to "cut" the tube). When installed properly, the ferrule penetrates the hose wall, providing a 360° uninterrupted compression around the hose. "Swaging" requires no bolts or buckles and results in a "clean" attachment with no protrusions. The below are NOT for use in concrete applications, refer to our 'heat-treated' swage ends (W12H, W10H, & WFT) which provide greater abrasion resistance.