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Permanent Crimp/Swage Ends For Composite Hose - 610

These ends are specifically for use on all of our NL4200/4300 Series Composite Hose. Currently our list prices on these INCLUDE the labour attaching charge. Every hose assembly must have a stem, ferrule, rubber seal, and a mandatory carbon steel swaging ring which is sealed under the ferrule. The price of the ring and seal is included with the ferrule. The industry standard seals are nitrile rubber, and viton is available on special request only. All stainless steel ends come standard with "plated carbon steel" external ferrules, but optional stainless ferrules are available on special request. When threading additional fittings onto assemblies with male NPT, do not put the hose ferrule into a vise - use multiple pipe wrenches to isolate the torque on the actual threads. Do not put any torque on the area between the hose stem, ferrule, and internal seal. The compression and turning in a vise could damage the end seal.