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Agricultural Bauer, Anfor, & Ringlock Couplings

Ring Lock Couplings (below shown in Galvanized Steel, also available in Aluminum, suffix AL) are specialty couplings that can be used for water, waste liquids, sludge, fish transfer (Aluminum), and other agricultural or industrial wastes. They provide easy connection of suction/vacuum or discharge lines and are typically only used in certain street sweeper, vacuum trucks, or agricultural applications (as a guide, possibly could be used in some pressure applications up to 100psi - consult factory). There are two versions of female, the standard are "Round Back" but they are also available in "Square Back Western Style" on special request. As for the males, the standard are "narrow ring" (will not interchange with the special "Bush Hog Wide Ring Males", although the clamps will interchange with both males). Below supplied in lightweight galvanized steel from sizes 3" I.D. through 12" I.D (available in Aluminum, suffix AL). Bauer Fittings (also known as HK / HKS Couplings, or Type B Ball Lock) are specialty lever couplings that can be used for discharge or suction of water, waste liquids, sludges and agricultural or industrial wastes. They are commonly found in mining or oil fracking water transfer, irrigation, or agricultural applications. Although the more cost-effective camlock style fittings have become preferred by many users in smaller sizes, Bauer fittings can be quickly coupled in an offset manner, up to 20°-30° in any direction which allows for unique bends around objects or rough terrain. They are supplied in lightweight galvanized steel from sizes 2" (76mm) through 12" (300mm), but are also available in Aluminum upon request (suffix AL). Female socket Bauer fittings come standard with gaskets included. Working pressure ratings can range from 290 psi in sizes 2"-3", 215 psi in 4", and 175 psi in sizes 6" through 12". Anfor Type A Couplings are an older lever coupling design that have been largely been replaced by Grooved, Bauer Type B Ball Lock, Camlock, etc, however at times they are still occasionally seen in larger bore markets (ie. 10"-12") for lower pressure dewatering (50-70 psi).