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Stainless Compression Dual Lok Ferrule - DK Lok Brand - 0751

"Dual-Lok" fittings provide added coupling integrity and grip over standard High Pressure Tube Fittings for more demanding hydraulic, pneumatic, and certain gas instrumentation or process applications - such as those subject to impulse, higher pressures/vacuum, temperature fluctuations, vibration, and movement. They are interchangeable in a variety of applications using "Swagelok", Parker A-Lok, or Parker CPI fittings. Our Dual-Lok are more popular in 316 Stainless, but some are also available in brass (suffix -B) or Plated Carbon Steel (suffix -C). They are a 4-piece fitting (no special tools for assembly) consisting of a nut, back ferrule, front ferrule, and a body; the 2 ferrules seal tightly around the tube wall. They offer an easy, low torque assembly method and leak free seal assembly and reassembly (up to several times) on both thick and thin wall tubing in 304/316 stainless steel, brass, monel, and other metals (contact us for recommended ASTM tubing type/hardness for best performance). Although they can be self-aligning and accommodate hardness or dimensional variances in tubing, proper tubing selection, square cuts, and physical quality is necessary for a safe and reliable system.