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Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Nozzles - 270N

These are UL approved, "automatic shut off" nozzles (spring shut off when fuel level high) that are used for service station refuelling pressure pumps. Nozzles can be sold complete with a hand warmer and splash guard, or without. The N3070 are designed for self service where the user must hold the trigger open, while the N3071 are for full service and incorporate the "hold open" rack and trigger. Standard nozzle internals are rated down to -40°C (-40°F), however "Cold Temperature" nozzles are rated down to -51°C (-60°F). For farm tank or truck mounted fuel tank applications using a 12V, 24V DC 110V, 115V, 230V AC pumps, please see N3071F- nozzles (low volume automatic shut-off); the standard automatic shut off N3070- or N3071- service station nozzles will not work with gravity feed or low volume systems since their shut-offs are pressure activated (ie. a higher pressurized pump is needed to create vacuum and shut-off flow).