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Fuel Grip Crimp, Chrome Gas Curb & Agri Farm Tank Inserts - 370F

FuelGrip ends offer several major advantages over conventional chrome curb pump ends. The N94 FuelGrip Swivels do not have a retaining ring to hold the fitting together (which can lead to the swivel actually coming off the body when pulled or over-tightened) and they are also permanently "crimped" onto the hose for a more secure fit. They should be grounded to the wire reinforcement of the hose with a proper grounding staple. Assemblies used in critical applications must be tested/certified at regular intervals. These fittings are certified for use only on our NL3105/NL3106/3108 Flexsteel Curb Pump & NL3109 BC Cold Flex only. Other hoses are in the testing phase. Special machinery is required for installation.