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Flomax Fuel Nozzles, Quick Connects, Receivers, & Couplings - 675

FloMAX Diesel Fuel Nozzles are designed for on-site, high flow refuelling of construction, mining, forestry, and agricultural equipment. They have a flow rate of up to 180 gallons per minute as compared to a conventional 1" fuel nozzle of 60-70 GPM (Flomax nozzles are not ULC approved for applications requiring that certification, such as gasoline pumping in service stations). Most large equipment is designed to be refuelled from the bottom of the machine at ground level as the fuel tank is not always easily accesible - so the Flomax system incorporates a valved "quick connect" system for added safety while fuelling (fuel cannot flow without a proper connection, thereby preventing spills). The quick connect also prevents dirt, grime, or contamination from entering the system as compared to a plain open tube with a cap. The Flomax nozzles connect to all standard fuel receivers seen on most equipment. Wiggins & Caterpillar crossover available upon request. If using for fluids other than fuel/oil, always check if the nitrile rubber seals are compatible.