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Class 100, 125, and 150 Pipe Flanges - 199

Several popular flanges that are connected to hoses are listed in this section, however, other materials and types are available upon request. Our carbon steel and stainless steel flanges meet ASTM A-105 & ASME/ANSI B16.5 specifications. When bolting flanges together, always tighten in an even, cross sequence fashion. Refer to our 'Thread Sealants Section' in this catalogue. Flat Face Vs Raised Face Flanges: "Raised face" (most common) flanges have a raised surface or gasket lip inside of the bolt circle. The height of the raised surface varies according to the pound rating of the flange. Flanges with 150# or 300# have a 1/16" raised face whereas 400# or more have 1/4". "Flat face" flanges have no lip and require full face gaskets. They are used on pump facings or on plastic/fiberglass, cast iron, or other brittle material flanges where the torque of compressing the gasket could crack or damage the flange.