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Aeroquip Flexmaster Expansion Joints - 120

Flexmaster joints are used for quick, easy joining of plain end tube or hard pipe. They are ideal for joining misaligned pipe and for making quick connections and disconnections when repairing or disassembling a system. They will also absorb vibration and can be furnished with several types of gasket compounds and sleeve materials, and are available in stainless steel for marine or corrosive applications. For a general guide, Flexmaster Joints are rated for 25"hg vacuum and up to 300 psi pressure in sizes 3/8"-3/4", 200 psi in 1"-2", and 150 psi in 2.5"-6". For more dimensions, specifications, assembly info, etc. refer to Required ordering information: 1) Pipe or Tube size 2) Gasket material 3) Overall installed length 4) Joint configuration (straight, 45°, 90°, Tee) 5) Sleeve material (plated steel or stainless) 6) Material being conveyed 7) Temperature range 8) Surrounding environment 9) Pressure and/or vacuum range 10) Type of movement or stress