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D.O.T. Airbrake Tube Fittings

DOT fittings "push-in" or "push-to-connect" brass tube fittings provide a quick and efficient method of assembling a variety of semi-rigid tubing, such as our nylon and polyethylene (less expensive, traditional "compression" style fittings require multiple parts and are quite time consuming to assemble). "Push-in" fittings are ideal for tight installations where a wrench cannot be used. These "push-in" fittings also meet DOT standard FMVSS 571.106 and SAE J1131 Air Brake Performance Requirements, so they are approved for use with nylon DOT air brake tubing (such as our NL560 Series SAE J844 Series). Their bodies and "grippers" are made of brass and the o-ring is Buna-N (nitrile). Each male NPT end is pre-coated in Loctite 516 so no other thread sealants are required. All fittings are suitable for vacuum and pressures up to 150 psi. The temperature range is -40°C (-40°F) to 93°C (+200°F). When installing, ensure tubing ends are cut squarely and free from burrs; to remove, hold down the top of the insert against the fitting body then pull out the tubing. Warning: These products are intended for use in motor vehicle or industrial compressed air systems only.