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Kynar/PVDF & PTFE Compression Fittings - 928

We offer nylon, polypropylene, or Kynar/PVDF compression fittings for use on various types of tubing (not DOT approved). They are generally available on a special order basis for specific applications where our standard Acetal/Nylon Push-In Tube Fittings cannot be used, such as in highly corrosive applications where an O-ring seal will break down prematurely and a compression style fitting is more desirable. The Kynar/PVDF compression fittings are made from chemically inert material designed for more corrosive or higher temperature applications than nylon or polypropylene (temperature range depends on the application). They are also used in ultra-pure fluid applications where contamination-free systems are required, such as in semiconductor manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and various laboratory environments. Temperature ratings & applications are listed below. Sold in bags of 10pcs only. Applications & Pressure Guideline at ambient temperatures of +20°C (+70°F): 5xx Series are