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Black Polypropylene Camlocks - 259

These are lightweight, economical camlocks that are typically used in suction or LOW pressure water discharge or acidic agricultural applications (refer to stainless steel or D Series Polypropylene for plant chemical applications). They will not withstand as much abuse and are not as durable as stainless, nyglass, HD polypropylene, or aluminum camlocks. All sizes have stainless arms and pins; since these polypropylene can break or crush easily, be careful when crimping/attaching and always close both arms at the same time and in an even manner. The "white" are FDA/NSF compliant for liquid or light material food grade products. NOT for use with compressed air or gases, and polypropylene dust caps and plugs should not be used in pressure applications. The rated working pressures at 20°C (70°F) are: 1/2" to 1" sizes 100psi, 1-1/2-2" is 75psi, 3" is 50psi, and 4" is 50psi. As a guide only, polypropylene may be suitable for -26°C (-15°F) to +94°C (+200°F) (WATER) but rated working pressures drop significantly with polypropylene camlocks. Special precaution must be taken when using at elevated temperatures - consult factory. Always confirm if gasket material is compatible with fluid.