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Aluminum Camlocks (Standard) - 266

The Camlocks below are manufactured from a high quality aluminum alloy and feature 304 stainless steel pins, impact/wear resistant forged brass arms, plated steel finger rings, sandcast body finish, and are heat treated to provide greater durability. They are made to strict tolerances to ensure a leak proof seal (i.e. they meet MIL SPEC 27487, A-A-59326 American Standard and DIN2828 German Standard in sizes 3/4" to 6" and will interchange with others that meet these specifications - no government standards have been set for the 1/2", 8", and 10" sizes, therefore not all brands of 1/2", 8" & 10" Camlocks interchange). We also offer aluminum camlocks in BSP (ie. N42BS-xxxAL), NH/NST (ie. N42NH-xxxAL), and NPSH/NPSM (ie. N42NS-xxxAL) threads on special request. Rated Working Pressure @ 20°C (70°F): 1/2" to 4" sizes = 150psi, 5"-6" = 75-100psi, and 8" = 50psi (for higher pressure camlocks refer to "Heavy Duty Camlocks" listed in this section). Temperature Range: As a guide only, aluminum may be suitable for -100°C (-150°F) to +121°C (+250°F)