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Brass Pipe Fittings - 203

1/16"-3/4" Extruded Brass (most common) and Forged Brass pipe fittings are used for low pressure, general duty air, water, fluids, low pressure oils, certain gases, etc. in various piping or instrumentation systems. "Extruded" are machined from a solid, dense, one-piece, non-porous brass rod, while the forged (different temperature and chemical composition than extruded brass rod) are made from melted slugs pressed into dies or moulds (and then machined into a final product). Brass is a soft material and susceptible to distortion, cracking, cross threading, etc. when over tightened and must NOT be used in heavy duty, high pressure, torsion, impulse, or heavy vibration applications. Only as a general guide, extruded 1/16"-3/4" brass pipe fittings and standard nipples can be used up to 300 psi, however in certain conditions or applications pressures up to 1000 psi at ambient (room) temperatures may be possible. Also as a general guide, 1/16"-3/4" extruded brass pipe fittings may have an intermittent temperature range of -54°C (-65°F) to 121°C (+250°F), however at wide temperature ranges the maximum pressure rating drops significantly. Our larger sizes (1" through 4") are typically Class 125 Bronze (Cast are ASTM B584 material, ANSI B16.15 dimensions, ANSI B1.20.1 threads). As a general guide, bronze may be rated to 200 psi at -29°C (-20°F) to +65°C (+150°F) (for higher temperatures, consult factory). These larger sizes are typically used in specialty applications only as the cost, durability, strength, availability, and use of steel, stainless steel, iron, etc. are more prevalent. It should be noted that in recent times, physically smaller, lighter weight, and thinner brass pipe fittings have come onto the market; special care should be taken in the selection process. End users should determine suitability and test materials prior to field use.