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Hydraulic Stainless Steel Push-On Barbs - 028

Push-on fittings are specifically designed for use on "Push-On" hoses up to 300 psi (do not use on any other type of hose). When used with Push-On hose, the defined barb on the fitting and the special hose reinforcement will provide sufficient grip thereby eliminating the need for any hose clamps. This provides for a quick and easy method of coupling hoses. These fittings may require a fine mist of oil (DO NOT use grease) in order to push completely into the hose and snug up right to the yellow plastic ring at the top of the barb. DO NOT use any form of a clamp as it could distort the hose and result in actually decreasing coupling integrity. Also available in 303 Stainless Steel (suffix SS) or 316SS (suffix SS316).