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Aluminum Hose Barbs, Stems, Inserts, Tees, & Menders - 247

These are typically used with small diameter hose (1/2" or smaller) at pressures up to 150psi. They are used only in specialty applications where their uses and limitations are understood. They are not designed for use in general shop water or air plumbing layouts (refer to traditional metals like brass, steel/malleable iron, stainless steel, plastics, etc. for general plumbing applications). Aluminum to aluminum pipe threads are not designed to be removed or re-tightened as they will bind very quickly and easily (ie. the friction of threading together will cause the aluminum to bond to itself - PTFE sealants, pastes, or tapes can lessen the effect but will not prevent it). Therefore, once aluminum to aluminum threads are threaded together, it is considered permanent and leak paths would be difficult to eliminate.