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NHU-NUT-206 - Figure 200/206 Two-Piece Hammer Union Nuts with Bolts

These are used as a replacement for damaged hammer union nuts on one-piece flange adapters. They are made from forged steel and meet AISI standards. They can be installed on pre-existing hammer union assemblies and are interchangeable with other reliable brands. Cold working pressure 2000psi. Note: It is recommended to use Loctite 243 threadlocker when bolting two-piece nuts together to ensure bolts don't lossen when in service. Alternatively, these nuts can be welded together. Bolt torque rating 60ft/lbs.

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
4" FIG 206 HAMMER UNION <NUT ONLY> - BLUE NHU-NUT-206-400 $147.87
Call for Availability 0.40
6" FIG 206 HAMMER UNION <NUT ONLY> - BLUE NHU-NUT-206-600 $339.85
Call for Availability 0.40
8" FIG 206 HAMMER UNION <NUT ONLY> - BLUE NHU-NUT-206-800 $415.36
Call for Availability 0.40
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