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F100 - Fig 100 Hammer Union (Black/Yelow Sub)

Hammer Unions are designed as heavy duty, high pressure flow line connectors. They are commonly found in chemical plants, on marine dredging vessels, in strip mines and in the oil industry. The colour coding system on Hammer Unions represent the different configurations and pressure ratings (Fig #'s are also normally stamped on the union as well); pressures range from 1,000-15,000 psi depending on the size and configuration.

Detail Comments: Fig 100: Used on low pressure manifolds, tank truck transfer, and in applications running air, water, oil or gas up to 1,000 psi non-shock cold working pressure.

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
2" FIG 100 HAMMER UNION (BLACK/YELLOW SUB) N970-F100-200 $30.15
C - Less Common Item 5.77
3" FIG 100 HAMMER UNION (BLACK/YELLOW SUB) N970-F100-300 $71.49
C - Less Common Item 14.40
4" FIG 100 HAMMER UNION (BLACK/YELLOW SUB) N970-F100-400 $113.40
C - Less Common Item 22.75
6" FIG 100 HAMMER UNION (BLACK/YELLOW SUB) N970-F100-600 $261.72
C - Less Common Item 44.00
8" FIG 100 HAMMER UNION (BLACK/YELLOW SUB) N970-F100-800 $450.98
C - Less Common Item 0.00
10" FIG 100 HAMMER UNION (BLACK/YELLOW SUB) N970-F100-1000 $616.70
Call for Availability 0.00
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