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Forged 316SS Pipe Fittings NPT-ANSI B16.11 2000/3000 - 202X

We offer Forged Carbon Steel (ASTM A105 alloy) and Forged Stainless Steel (ASTM A182) made to ANSI B16.11 dimensions and ANSI/ASME B2.1 threads (socket weld available on request). Our most common is Class 3000, however we also offer Class 2000 & 6000; Class 2000 threaded are Schedule 80 rated (only available in female 45°, 90°, and Tees). Class 3000 threaded are Schedule 160 rated. Class 3000 "socket weld" are Schedule 80 rated (part #'s for class 3000 socket weld are for example N205SW-xxxFS).