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Sandblast Couplings, Nozzles, Adapters, and Quick Connects - 350

Sandblast couplings are designed to slip over sandblast hose and to be fastened with screws. Such an external coupling prevents restriction of flow and prevents coupling wear out from the high velocity of sand or materials. The Standard series are interchangeable with all common brands on the market, however the newer Full Flow X-Series have a larger crowfoot head and will not interchange with the Standard sandblast heads. The nozzle holders are female threaded to accommodate a nozzle, and the female adapters are used as an outlet on the machine or blasting pot - or they can also be used as a quick change nozzle adapter. We offer the traditional aluminum or brass materials as well as a cast ductile steel for special applications (rated 150 psi as a general guide). Lightweight yellow/orange nylon are rated maximum 125psi. Standard gaskets are Buna-N/Nitrile rubber. Safety clips and hose safety whipchecks should always be used.