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Material Handling Split Flanges & Gaskets, Blucor / Sigma - 440

Material handling couplings (as known as Split Flange, Sigma Flange) are used on our corrugated NL8200 SlurryMax & NL8202 Blucor Material Handling hoses. They will also fit over various other brand name corrugated material handling hoses; however, always be sure to confirm they will fit the outside diameter & pitch of the helix of the hose, because these moulded couplings are designed for specific hoses. We offer three brands: N8200C Generic, N8201C Sigma, & N8202C Conti (the 10" & 12" sizes will not interchange, ie. NL8202 Blucor must be used with N8202C couplings in 10" & 12"). They are installed over the cover of the hose to permit full flow of materials with no turbulence and also prevent coupling "wear out" with abrasive products. They come complete with plated nuts and bolts (N298NT- & N298BT-) and can be attached in the field. Gaskets are sold separately, but sometimes are not required if the end of the hose is cut squarely to actually work as a seal (flanges to be set back 1/4-3/8" from the end of the hose). An installation video is available.