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Heat Treated Swage Ends For Rubber Concrete Hose, Flanges - 602

Our "heat treated" permanent swage fittings are specifically designed for use on concrete hoses where durability is a concern. Standard carbon steel swage fittings can wear out prematurely due to the abrasiveness of the concrete, and heat treated ends could outlast standard carbon steel ends at least 2-to-1 (ours have a Rockwell Hardness of .020-.025CH RC58-62). "Swaging" requires no bolts or buckles and results in a "clean" attachment with no protrusions. It must be noted that the tube on concrete hose will wear down with use, thereby creating coupling integrity problems in the event of a repair. Repaired lengths should be tested prior to field use as we DO NOT recommend repairing concrete hose as the wall/tube wears, and recoupling has reduced integrity/coupling strength. Do not re-use swaged or internally expanded hose ends (internal expansion concrete fittings and ferrules available on special request).