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AODKIT-1 - Air-On-Demand Complete Master Kit

This Air-On-Demand kit provides a quick, convenient air distribution system for small workshops or garages. The main kit comes with 100ft of corrosion free polyethylene tubing that can be mounted to walls or ceilings, and in turn reduce clutter and the need for longer hoses or reels. The fittings are Push-To-Connect (PTC) for quick and easy install on the tubing - no special tools required. It is quick and easy to do repairs or add onto the system. For larger more demanding shops and systems, we also offer Flexible Aluminum Airline Tubing.

Typical Fittings: The AOD system includes quality push-in fittings, air distribution manifolds, and nylon tubing.

Detail Comments: An alternative to black or copper pipe installations, the modular design makes it less expensive to install than traditional methods. With the AOD system there is no interior pipe corrosion, which results in longer tool life.

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