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Protective Hose Wrap, Line Bundling - 089

Several different grades are available for a variety of applications. To install, the protective wrap can be wound around the hose (snug fit) or slid over like a sock (loose fit). Choosing the correct size can be done by cross referencing the outside diameter of the hose to the inside diameter of the protective wrap. For non-abusive bundling applications, some users also use our Layflat style hoses listed in the water/fire section of this catalogue. On special request, we can supply "steel spring guard" (#N60008-xx) but it has largely been replaced by the below protective wrap. Custom colours are available such as blue (N60010B), yellow (N60010Y), red (N60010R), fluorescent glow in the dark (N60010F) upon request (glow in the dark typically used for identification of bundled lines or hoses which are not to be driven over). The Installation tool is a portable tool that can be mounted in a vice for quicker installation of protective wrap (when used in conjunction with a drill and socket). It is most useful for frequent, repetitive installs of multiple assemblies. Capable of handling -02 through -32 hose sizes, although most practical use in sizes under -16 and lengths less than 12ft. For installation instructions refer to