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Flame Resistant Silicone Jacket, Sleeve and Pyrotape - 089P

This high temperature, flame resistant sleeve is designed to protect hose, tubing, or wire from excessive exterior temperatures, short term flame blasts, and molten splashes (not designed to resist abrasion). It can be used on a variety of hose or tubing which cannot be subject to flames or external heat, such as on fuel lines, water lines, or fire suppression lines. It should be noted that it acts as an insulator, so it is not designed for internally hot applications where the heat of the product being conveyed must dissipate - ie. hot oil or friction may overheat the internal hose. and lead to failure. The sleeve is a specially compounded fibreglass sleeve with an orange silicone rubber coating to resist temperatures from -53°C (-65°F) to +260°C (+500°F) & intermittently to 1200°C (2200°F). End Tape is required in order to secure ends (from expansion/contraction) and seal sleeve ends.