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Mikalor Supra Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps - 306

Mikalor Supra heavy duty clamps offer several advantages over traditional T-bolt clamps. Mikalor clamps are available across a wide range of sizes and are popular in the automotive, marine, and agricultural industries as well as with various industrial OEMs. Their special bolts are designed to withstand great tensions and permit them to be tightened with power tools and regular sockets (within manufacturer's torque settings). The thick band has bevelled edges to prevent possible damage to the cover of the hose and an automated protuberance welding system is used to weld three spots on each side of the clamp. Our N75 (Mikalor W2 clamp) are a type 430 stainless band with a zinc plated steel bolt and our N77 (Mikalor W4 clamp) are completely type 304 stainless steel. Exceeding torque ratings will bend bolt and warp housing; do not assemble with an air tool. It is good practice to check for tightness at regular intervals while in service. How many Mikalor clamps to use per hose? As a general guide with most bolt-style clamps, use 1 clamp per hose end for sizes up to 1-1/2", 2 clamps for 2"-4", 3 clamps for 5"-6", and 4 clamps for larger sizes.