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Crimp Ferrules & Sleeves For Rubber Hose - 620

Our permanent crimp sleeves are typically used in applications where a safe, more durable and reliable clamping method is preferred over band clamps or strapping. When installed properly, the sleeve provides a 360° uninterrupted compression around the hose and results in a "clean" attachment with no protrusions. The sleeves have smooth, beveled edges and are available in stainless steel or zinc plated carbon steel. They are to be installed with a hydraulic crimper and can be used on most hose shank couplings on the market. Sleeves/ferrules are chosen based on the length of the coupling barb and the actual hose outside diameter (sleeves must fit snug over the cover of the hose prior to crimping). As a general rule, the sleeve/ferrule should be about 1/4" shorter than the barb - if the sleeve/ferrule is longer than the barb it will start to compromise the cover/structure if the hose is bent near the coupling, and if the sleeve/ferrule is too short then the barb will dig into the tube and lead to premature failure - therefore it is important to choose the proper length. SPECIAL NOTE: As with hose and couplings, crimp sleeves are subject to maximum pressures, temperatures, and mechanical forces like end-pull. As a rule, the higher the temperature, the lower the maximum pressure rating for crimp sleeves. Normal operating conditions are -40°C (-40°F) to +21°C (+70°F), above that the crimp sleeve integrity will diminish! Consult the sleeve manufacturer table for any applications above +21°C (+70°F) as there is a DE-RATING multiplier/scale for elevated temperatures! Temperature is affected by BOTH the media and the environment. Critical application hoses must always be tested/certified prior to field use.