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Hose, Tubing, Ducting

Multiple Purpose Hose

PVC and Rubber General Service, Clear Braided, Kuri-Tec Polyair, Low Temp Tundra, Self Coiling, Nu-Flex Blue Urethane Braided, Wire Braid Service Station Air/Water, Goodyear Wingfoot, Goodyear Ortac.
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Heavy Duty Air Hose

Bull Hose, Contractors Air, Goodyear Explorer Plus, Gorilla, Layflat Air, Heavy Duty Steel Air, Goodyear Plicord Super Rock Drill, Pyroflex ll, Hot Air Blower, Air Breathing.
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Water Suction Hose

Clear PVC Transfer, Fish Suction, Green/Black EPDM, Kanaflex 300, Hi-Vac, Contractors Rubber Water Suction, Spa Flex, Type BW Low Temp Suction.
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Water Discharge and Washdown Hose

PVC Layflat, Heavy Duty Rubber Water Discharge, Goodyear Spiraflex, Black Ribbed Rubber, Garden Hose, RV/Marine Hose, Yellow Commercial Water, Goodyear Sureline, Soaker Spray Hose, Earth Quencher, Spectra Washdown.
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Fire Hose

Econoflo Forestry, Single/Double Jacket Brigade, Yellow Double Jacket XL-800 Gold Crown, Armtex, Reeltex Booster, Rack Hose.
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Pressure Washer and Waterblast Hose

Blue PowerWash 3000, Black PowerWash 4000, Yellow Gauntlet, Whitewater Steam, Sewer Cleaning, Nylon Waterblast, Rubber Waterblast
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Welding and Steam Hose

Twin Weld, Type 1 Propane Transfer, Arctic Polar Flex, Goodyear CB Steam, Flexsteel CB-20 Steam, Flexsteel 250 Steam.
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Petroleum Dispensing Hose

Farm Tank Hose, ULC BC Gas, Flexsteel Curp Pump, Arctic Softwall, Redwing Fuel Oil Delivery, Arctic Ortac, Biodiesel Fuel.
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Petroleum Transfer Hose

Flexwing, Flextra, Kanaflex Orange/Black, Goodyear VersaFuel Biodiesel Transfer, Tigerflex TDH Urethane Drop Hose, Vapor Recovery, Hot Tar and Asphalt, Goodyear Advantage and Wingcraft, Aviation Fueling, Flexdock.
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Auto, Truck and Marine Hose

Multi-Flex Fuel Fill, Crushproof Garage Exhaust, Wet Exhaust, Heater Hose, Silicone Coolant, Marine Sanitary, HAB Air Brake, Synflex Eclipse Air Brake Tubing, Grease Lines, Fuel Injection, Goodyear Galaxy Refrigerant, Eaton Multi-Refrigerant
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Sanitary, Food and Beverage Hose

PVC Food Transfer, White Flexwing, Vintner, Grey Flextra, Brewline, Potable Water Hose, Flour Discharge, Tigerflex 2020, Hot Grease and Oil Hose, Teflon Transfer.
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Clear Vinyl, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Nylon, PTFE, FEP, Silicone, Pure Gum, Viton, Latex, TPR Peristaltic Pump Tubing, Platinum Cured Medical Tubing, Copper Tubing.
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Ducting and Vacuum Hose

RFH Rubber Duct, Clear PVC, Urethane Blower, Yellow/Black Utility Blower, Ventilation Duct, HTR Polypropylene Duct, Welding Exhaust, Commercial Vacuum.
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Abrasive Material Hose

Goodyear Blucor, Tigerflex UBK, TR1, Ureflex-1, Ureflex-2, Goodyear Allcrete Concrete Hose, Custom Built Material Handling, Tan Flextra, Sandblast Hose, Shotcrete, Gunite, Vacuum Truck/Street Sweeper Hose, Bulkmaster.
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Chemical and Spray Hose

Goodyear Fabchem, XLPE Transfer, Viper, Orange Flexwing, Paint Spray, Teflon Transfer, Goodyear Chemone, Anhydrous Ammonia, Chlorine/Bromine Transfer.
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Metal Hose, Oil Field and Specialty Hose

Stainless Steel Braided Hose, Willcox Composite Hose, Metal Duct, Metal Hot Tar and Asphalt, Stainless Steel Teflon Braided, Smart Hose, Armoured Hose.
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Hydraulic Hose

Insta-Grip and Ultra-Grip Push-On Hose, AQP Socketless, MatchMate Plus, MatchMate Blue, MatchMate ICE, BRUISER, Jack Hose Eaton Synflex Thermoplastic Single Line and Twinline, Hydraulic Suction Hose.
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