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Mining / Exploration

New-Line supplies products that get used in global mining operations (surface mining and underground mining) right down to a local gravel quarry. Mining is normally preceded by years of expensive exploration, research, planning, environmental analysis, and infrastructure development before the actual processing of any minerals, coal, metals, salts, gravel, granite, and even jewels like diamonds.

We stock products that range from heavy duty hoses to convey bulk rock or minerals to hydraulic hoses that power different machinery made around the world. We also stock hoses to handle explosives, compressed air, water, fuel, air supply/ventilation/blower, etc.

We can also provide many services and safety tips with regards to hose and fittings as well as preventative maintenance ideas to help ensure your facility and the environment remains safe and secure.

For more detailed information on our products for the Mining/Exploration industry please refer to our complete on-line catalogue.