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NL2561 - Black ContiTech Flexsteel Steam Hose

NL2561 is a cost effective rubber steam hose designed for thawing, heat control, blowout service, etc. in refineries, shipyards, plants, mills, and other heavy industrial applications up to 450°F. Its smooth cover is resistant to heat, abrasion, and weathering (limited oil resistance) while its Pyrosyn tube provides good resistance to heat aging (limited resistance to hydrocarbons or oils). NL2561 has a 10:1 safety factor. We have listed some of our popular assemblies that can be made up from our bulk inventory; each assembly is coupled with heavy duty Boss Ground Joint couplings (see our 'Fittings Section' for more information). For short jumper steam assemblies under 10ft, consider using stainless steel assemblies.

Typical Fittings: Interlocking bolt type coupling (ground joints) or crimped ends recommended by the manufactuer (not designed for NL2562). Note: Interlocking bolt clamps MUST be checked and retightened before EACH use due to the cold flow/setting characteristics of rubber hose! DO NOT use universals, camlocks, any gasket type fittings, punch clamps, pinch clamps, crimp sleeves or gear clamps with steam hose. We DO NOT recommend the use of "Imported" Ground Joint Couplings and clamps for Steam, Critical, Toxic, combustible fluids, or in cyclic conditions involving temperature or pressure. "Imported" Ground Joint Couplings and Clamps often do not meet stringent material or tolerance guidelines for critical applications. We ONLY RECOMMEND Dixon Boss or Campbell Viton Seal Ground Joint Couplings and Clamps for use with steam or critical applications - see safety warning information. Testing & certification.

Construction: Tube: Pyrosyn (high grade EPDM) rubber. Cover: Smooth, black Pyrosyn (high grade EPDM) rubber (pin pricked to prevent blistering); black available on special request (NL2561). Reinforcement: Wire braids (1/2" has one braid, 3/4" & 1" have two).

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +232°C (450°F)

Notice: Critical application, follow cplg/maintenance procedures

Cut Method: Bench Mount Electric Saw // Wear Ear & Eye Protecton

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